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Oh, wow, OK, great Dreamwidth ate my original announcement, so this is late.

ANYWAY. Surprise event! It's sort of a reset for the godlings and nextgens, in that Gaia is bringing them back to their human bases. Special powers dampened, divine memories locked up. They're just normal, everyday people once again.

But! They can fight back! Something might trigger their memories to come back, or whatever you want. And they'll still remember meeting each other, just that the circumstances will be foggy, unless they had pre-existing CR.

You do have to submit some kind of post having them do this, but it can be done however you like.

If you don't... well, since holidays and whatnot have been busy and the like... Consider this a "soft close" of the game (as opposed to a hard-close endgame). Basically, that Metem is over, but we can bring it back down the line if people are still interested.

Any questions, just ask. It's been lovely, godlings. ♥
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Hey, Metem. So, we have some important news.

Mod Ash has, unfortunately, run into some rough circumstances. She's had some family issues recently, but, more importantly, she has just lost her job and is in a major scramble to find a new one. With everything going on, she is, regrettably, formally dropping from the game for the foreseeable future, until she is able to secure new employment and have things settle down on the RL side. She does intend to return to Metem in the future, but she doesn't know when that's going to be possible. It could be weeks, it could be months, depending on what she's able to find. We are wishing her all the best and hope she'll be able to rejoin us soon.

So what does this mean for the game?

ICly, her characters (Mab, Athena, Melpomene, Hel and Lilith) will disappear into the Powers' pocket realm where they will be put into a sleep, but otherwise missing from the real world. Feel free to have your characters react accordingly. Control over her nextgen NPCs will revert to their fathers. So Laurel will be under Apollo's control, Cian, Eireann and the twins will be under Ogma's control, and Hel and Baldr's child will be under Baldr's control. And, yes, it does mean her PCs are eligible for other players, current or prospective, to pick up.

OOCly, since the game is still running on the quiet side, Mod Paul and I are not looking to add anyone to the mod team at this time. If things should pick up sufficiently down the line, we may consider adding a new mod in the future, but it will just be the two of us for now. Mod Paul will be taking over the enforcement duties, and I will take control over the calendar duties, so if you have any questions or issues on those fronts, please come to the appropriate mod.

As always, you are welcome to reach either of us however you are able if you have any questions. so please, just let us know! Thanks! ♥
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Sorry this is kind of late in coming! I've been fighting massively with my internet.

ANYWAY! It is now Fall. Do your fall and autumn things. Go nuts. :D
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Has anyone here heard from Kim or Ash at all? I've contacted Kim on Hotmail, Plurk, and Facebook and haven't gotten any reply. I've tried contacting Ash but that hasn't gotten any results either. The Facebook attempt was particularly odd because I left a comment on one of Kim's posts, and while she replied to other people, but ignored me. If anyone knows what's going on could you let me know? Aspergers paranoia is really starting to get to me. Thank you.
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Sorry it's a touch late getting this up, but for the AC period of June/July, with all the chaos involving the platform shift, it's a Free AC period.

Now, next period, for August/September, though, let's get everyone back on track. Here's what we'll ask for:

-A minimum of 10 (ten) postings split between 2 distinct threads on either the main or log communities, divided however you want. For example, if you Character X has 7 comments on 1 thread and 3 on another, that's fine, or 2 and 8, or 5 and 5, whatever. Just make sure it adds up to at least 10 between the two.

-The threads do not have to be started during the AC period (e.g., it was started in July, but you're still posting on it in August), but ONLY the comments dated during the activity period will count.

-The time to submit your activity has now doubled! You have until midnight Central time on the SIXTH of the month to get it in, with results marked on the 7th.

If you DO have the above requirements for a character that qualify for the June/July period, you may still submit them before the 7th this month! Any characters who do will receive an AC voucher.

Any questions? Please let us know!
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Hello, my darlings!

It is official that we are now completely moved over and up to date as possible here on Dreamwidth!

Our Past Days are now complete through April 3, 2012, and a big thank you to Paul E for helping us get that far! We also have added a new navigation feature to our Past Days that should simplify catching up on them--go check it out!

Please also feel free to check through all the pages and ensure that they appear correct. Any errors or bad links should be reported to the mods as soon as possible.

Just some housekeeping matters:

Anyone who has not yet joined the communities and granted access to the mod and NPC accounts needs to do so as soon as possible. If you have any trouble or questions, please let us know as soon as possible.

Also, we are still in need of getting the latest Power Updates from Angie, Ash and Lills, so, ladies, please do get those in as soon as you can!

Welcome to Dreamwidth, everyone! I hope you all enjoy it here! ♥
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Greetings, all you beautiful Metem folks!

We are now active on DW! As before:
-FRIEND "metemmods" and the NPC accounts listed below.

-JOIN metempsychosis_dw, metem_logs, metem_ooc and, if you want, metem_dressing.

The posting permissions should now be up for everyone; please let one of us mods know if you can't post.

Also, here are the accounts for the various NPCs, for purposes of granting circle access:
Metempowers is Gaia and Corruption.
Metemminions is Nigel, Roger, Mimi, and the witches.
Metemnymphs are the maenads and oreads.
Metemmonsters are the snakes, ghosts, and various other beasties that make lives interesting for the godlings.
Metemfae are the faeries.
Metemextras are the random incidentals-- gunmen, dead NPCs, and so on.

Finally, even though we are still working on some general page updates, most of the important items should be correct up on DW. If anyone sees a mistake or a bad link, or if you requested a month of paid time and didn't get it, please let one of the mods know so we can fix it.

We hope to see you over at Dreamwidth very soon!
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Hello, Metem darlings!

We mods are hard at work getting everything ready to go live on Dreamwidth! And I swear, once we're done, I will start posting again!

Keep using the IJ comms for now, but we do have the comms and mod accounts set up on DW! So, with your new accounts, please:

-FRIEND "metemmods" and "metemminions"

-JOIN metempsychosis_dw, metem_logs, metem_ooc and, if you want, metem_dressing.

Now, posting permissions on DW will be sent through when we're ready to go live, and again, we promise to import everything over so you shouldn't lose any threads. Nextgen accounts do not have to be ready by the 13th, but you are certainly welcome to have them up and running by then.

Those who are getting the 1-month paid accounts, those will go into effect on the 13th.

If anyone wishes to update their contact information and add, remove or change methods of contact, please let a mod know and we'll get it taken care of.

Any questions/concerns? Let us know! ♥
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News has gotten out about the deaths of Persephone and Astarte, and their widower are not taking it well. Their divine grief is causing potential bad situations to occur and the godlings, particularly the Greeks and the Egyptians, will want to act to calm the grieving gods before things spin out of control. The news threads are so people can react to the tragedies and plan damage control.
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Welcome to Solstice, everyone! All the godlings for 24 hours are back to their immortal selves! Use the time well. ♥

And announcements! We have lots of them!

News Under Here! )

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please let us know!
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Well, Metem, congratulations! It's been three years today since we launched! And oh how far we've come since.

So, the good news. Despite the progressively worsening symptoms, the godlings will not die. Well. Most of them won't. Any dropped characters will be dead of their illnesses.

As for everyone else, when the sun rises on the Solstice (June 21), they will again be immortal for the day. Full powers and everything. And, when the sun rises the next day and they go back to being human, they'll have a permanent power boost.

What that boost entails is up to you. You can add an additional aspect to their powers (e.g. Triton will now be able to shift at will between his land and sea forms), or you can expand/heighten their current abilities.

But, I do ask that you let me know what the new powers are by the 21st! Either post them here, or else drop me a line some other way.

Looking forward to the new powers! ♥
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Hello, lovelies. Still not done with the suffering!

This week? The neuropathy is now everywhere. No escape. Everything hurts. Also, you get to experience dangerously high fevers this week! 103, 104, higher yet!

Also, as a reminder, you have through Friday this week to respond on where you'd like to go from here. I need to hear back from at least 5 people or I'll have to assume the game is abandoned. I can move forward with a minimum of six players, but I need to know I have at least five besides myself willing to do this. So, y'know, encourage your fellow players to respond. It's important if you want to keep playing. Those of you who already have replied, I very much appreciate and value your feedback.

If for any reason you're unable or unwilling to post your thoughts there, you are welcome to message me privately through whatever method you prefer most. My info is all on the Contact Page. At this time, I'm not weighing in on any suggestions just yet, if only so it doesn't look like I'm favoring or disfavoring any one idea over another. But, once I have the feedback in, it will be reviewed carefully and I will keep you all posted on any decisions made.

Let me know if you have any questions!
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Oh, what, you thought the event wouldn't progress? No, no, it's still on!

So, again, in addition to everything else, here is what you're all suffering with now:

Bleeding. Yup, both externally (cuts that don't heal, nosebleeds, bleeding gums, etc.) and internally (bruising). Neuropathy now covers everything from the waist down as well as the arms and upper chest.

Enjoy! ♥
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Welcome to June, my lovelies. This is a special announcement.

In a little less than two weeks, we will hit our 3-year anniversary! This is a milestone to take pride in.

Except... how many of us still take pride in our game? While I admit a large part of this is on me (and you all have my profound apologies on that), as well as real-life circumstances between all of us that we don't have much control over and have to be put first, as you all know, the game has been very quiet. Events are being all but ignored. Posts aren't getting the sells they deserve. My question to you all is, is it just dormant and waiting to be reawakened? Or is this the death knell for Metempsychosis?

This game has held my heart and soul for a long time, and it was my hope that it brought joy to you all as well, which is why saying all of this is difficult for me, but I can't deny it's all been on my mind for several weeks now. Truth is, this game can't all be me. It takes all of us to make it work. And yet, I hear a lot of things from different people that it's not a priority. That people just aren't "feeling it," or they forget about it. And that makes it hard for me to want to make it a priority.

So here is where all of you come in. I need your thoughts, your ideas, feelings, input. I need your help. Talk to me. What can we do to make this game vibrant again? What can I do on my end to put this game back in the forefronts of your minds, and what are you willing to do to make it happen? What do you want to see? What do you want removed, if anything?

Another possibility is that we change platforms. Maybe InsaneJournal just isn't the best place for us to be anymore. Many games are on Dreamwidth now, and we could certainly move there if, as a group, we feel it would be the best choice. It would take time and a lot of work to move everything over, but it can be done.

Or... is it time to say goodbye to our godlings and nextgens? I had plans for a happy ending to this event, but, I could just as easily change that ending and close it out on the Equinox. Or, if that's too sudden, I could extend the denouement and advance the endgame and close it out by September.

I'd rather not have to end the game already, and I have ideas that could go years down the line, but I need you to participate to make it happen. Two or three people does not a game make. So, I need you, all of you, to tell me what you want to do and where you want to go from here. Tell me the "what"s, but also the "why"s. Most of you know I don't usually do things without a reason for them.

And, as a final note here, silence on this matter is not golden. If I don't get feedback prior to our anniversary on the 13th, I will assume the game is abandoned, and I will close it out in three weeks on the 21st.
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Oh, sweet godlings! Better get a move on, because symptoms just keep getting worse!

This week? In addition to everything else, you now also get to experience the following:

Fluid in lungs/coughing/shortness of breath/coughing up gunk/stuffy and runny noses as well as neuropathy up to the shoulders and hips.
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So, how's sickness treating you all? Poorly? Aww. Too bad. Because, you guessed it, it got worse. Again.

Now, again in addition to everything you've been suffering so far, you all get to experience the following:

-Migraines (and all the loveliness that goes with those)
-Swelling, mainly in the form of edema (fluid pooling in extremities) and gout (affecting the joints).
-Neuropathy from knees to toes and elbows to fingers.

Enjoy! ♥
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Hello, godlings!

So, this last week, you've all been feeling a little under the weather. Aww. That's unfortunate. Well, guess what? It just got worse.

In addition to the general malaise, starting tomorrow, May 7th, you will also start experiencing some GI distress. Gas, vomiting, loose bowels, abdominal pains, all that fun stuff. And you're also going to start developing some neuropathy in your fingers and toes.

Try to take care of yourselves! Hint: if you think you can handle it, now would be an excellent time to drop by your epicenters. ♥
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Hello, lovelies.

Well, things should be picking up here again shortly as we get into May! Exciting things to happen! Of course, this weekend will mark the nuptials of Bes and Erato, and then, on the 30th, the next event begins!

We're going to do things a little bit differently, as this is going to be an extended event! It will develop little by little over the course of just shy of 8 weeks. Every week, we'll update you with what's coming up, to culminate in something awesome on Summer Solstice! I know, you're probably all soooooo excited, aren't you?

Well, this is your first update! Beginning on Wednesday, April 30th, all the godlings--yes, all of you--will start feeling a little under the weather. Just a general malaise. Nothing you couldn't power through, but a vague feeling of ickiness and fatigue. Is it allergies? Summer cold? Well, stay tuned to find out! Updates will be posted here.
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Hello lovelies!

OK, first off, you all have my profound apologies for being so quiet lately. Real life's been a bit overwhelming, so technically on slowaitus until things settle down a bit. But I will not abandon you! I will post what I can and keep plot moving!

Which leads us to... EVENT!

Going to have to use your brains for this one, godlings. Hope you all packed your thinking caps. On March 21st, you will be summoned to your respective epicenters. It's time to get to the next level! But, where you had to fight your way in using strength, now you must flex your mental muscles.

Upon arrival, each pantheon will be presented with a different puzzle. Solve this puzzle, and you get to enter the next part of the epicenter. Ash and I have been working to cook up some fun ones for you! And, no, we won't tell you what they are just yet. It'll be a surprise. If you can't solve them on your own, we will offer hints, so you won't be totally stuck.

As always, any questions, let us know!
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Greetings, everyone. Normally, this would be the time when Your Friendly Mod Squad would be giving you opportunity to post your activity checks for the month of February. However, since life has gotten in the way for a lot of folks throughout the month, we are declaring February to be a free month. If you'd like to keep in practice with posting your own activity, please feel free to do so below. It won't be held against you if you didn't make the required activity for this month.

Hopefully, March will be better for everyone. And with that in mind, we're encouraging you to get a jump on plotting in the comments below:

If you have any questions, concerns, or anything you'd like to bounce off us in private, please feel free to contact us.



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